Independent Studies

Documented Fuel Savings

It is a generally accepted fact that gas-fired infrared heaters save energy, and therefore dollars, over hot-air heating systems.  Detroit Radiant Products is committed to not just making claims, but to document those savings through independent scientifically conducted field tests.

The chart below contains studies which were conducted by independent engineering firms and by ASHRAE.  By clicking on the study name, the complete study will be displayed.

Study of Reference Summary of Topic Referenced Fuel Savings
ASHRAE Fundamentals Book Perimeter mounting. 15%
Braneida Study Summary of 1993 study on two-stage documenting a 12% fuel savings and 35% cycle reduction over single-stage heaters. 12%
Infrared vs. Forced Air Study

Summary printed by DRP pdficonminiature

Evaluation of an Infrared Two-Stage Heating System vs. a Forced Air System in a Commercial Application, ASHRAE Paper # 4643 24%
New York State Report pdficonminiatureASHRAE Handbook “…annual fuel savings as high as 50%.” 50%
Emerging Technologies pdficonminiatureASHRAE Journal Emerging Technologies – Analysis between infrared heaters and unit heaters. 33-50%
ASHRAE Statement “…dual stage operations can improve comfort conditions.” N/A