AG2 Series

Agricultural Gas-Fired, Dual-Stage, Infrared Heaters

The AG2 Series of dual-stage infrared heaters is designed for poultry and non-corrosive agricultural environments. Proven construction features assure reliable performance in noncorrosive environments along with the added benefits of two-stage operation and many other technical features at moderate prices. For use in poultry, dairy, arena, barns, shops and much more.

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  • Titanium alloy or aluminized combustion chamber
  • Hot rolled steel radiant tubes
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Waterproofed control box
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities


  • BTU Range: 65-150 MBTU/H
  • Lengths: 20-60 ft.
  • Gas Type: Natural or Propane
  • Radiant Tubes: 4″ hot-rolled stell (upgradable to aluminized steel)
  • Combustion Chamber: Titanium alloy or aluminized steel
  • Certification: CSA, IAS
  • Warranty: 1-3-5 (Components-Tubes-Burner)