Patio Heaters

SW2 Series

Short-Wave Electric Infrared Heaters

SW2 series heaters are unique in their ability to produce both infrared heat and visible light energy. The source of this energy comes from short-wave electric lamps encased in an aesthetically pleasing enclosure. Available in an assortment of sizes, casings, and colors, this heater offers both choices and solutions for your application.

Operational benefits include a highly efficient energy transfer, lower mounting heights, heat energy, light energy, and certification for both indoor or outdoor use.

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Key features

  • Single, double, or triple element construction
  • Produces both infrared heat and visible light
  • Lower clearances
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  • Electrical Consumption: 1,600–11,400 Watts
  • Equivalent BTU: 5,459–38,898 total BTU/h
  • Voltage: 120–575 VAC; Single Phase
  • Limited Warranty: All Components 1-Year
  • Certification: ETL Listed for indoor or outdoor use.
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