Factory Direct Re-Verber-Ray Replacement Parts

During our closure, please contact your local rep to order parts or e-mail [email protected] for urgent parts requests.

As mandated by Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, Detroit Radiant Products will be closed from March 24th through April 13th unless otherwise notified. Parts orders will not ship until then.

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Re-Verber-Ray Quad Tube Heater Parts

Our Quad Tube Heaters were designed to incorporate the modular benefits of high-intensity infrared with the application versatility of low-intensity infrared. Unique construction features include a multi-burner, multi-exchanger, multi-reflector platform optimized for a broad and even heat output pattern. Operational benefits include fuel savings, spot heating functionality, low electrical consumption, and low mounting height application.


Series MBH


1 AVS2 60-80 09/16 to Present IOPM
2 AVD2 60-80 09/16 to Present IOPM
3 AVS 40-80 03/10 to 08/16 IOPM*
4 AVD 40-80 03/10 to 08/16 IOPM*
5 QTS2 60-80 09/16 to Present IOPM
6 QTD2 60-80 09/16 to Present IOPM
7 QTS 60-80 03/10 to 08/16 IOPM*
8 QTD 60-80 03/10 to 08/16 IOPM*
  • Discontinued
  • Discontinued version
    of current series
  • Current version
    of current series

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