Technical Information

Re-Verber-Ray® Field Instructions

Below you will find instruction sheet downloads for both High Intensity Heaters and Low Intensity Tube Heaters.

High Intensity Heaters
High Intensity Heaters
19-RS Pilot Relight Installation Instructions31.7 KB
2DR 30 Series Heater Installation Instructions308.5 KB
3DRWH-120 Replacement Instructions148.9 KB
4DSI-SUB KIT Installation Instructions519.2 KB
5Mark 10DX-24 (Micro 50X) Installation Instructions75.9 KB
6Mark 10DX-117 (35-72) Installation Instructions170.5 KB
7PV SUB KIT 120V & 25V Replacement Instructions80.5 KB
8Rayhead Assembly (DR-RH|RPH) Replacement Instructions121.0 KB
9Spark Electrode - (32-508) Replacement Instructions117.7 KB
10VR4205M-1308 Natural Gas Valve Replacement Instructions50.4 KB
11VR4205M-1316 Propane Gas Valve Replacement Instructions130.8 KB
12VR8205A-2081 Propane Gas Valve Replacement Instructions187.3 KB
13VR8205A-2123 Natural Gas Valve Replacement Instructions184.8 KB
PH Series Specific Patio Pal (PATIO-PAL)
1PH-BKT Adjustable Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions277.7 KB
2PH-Paint Discoloration Product Notice40.3 KB
PH Series Specific
1P-114 Thermocouple Replacement Instructions23.2 KB
Low Intensity Tube Heaters
Air Intake & Vent Components
14-DSK Sidewall Venting Installation Instructions136.3 KB
2Air Intake Connections & Requirements97.9 KB
3AK-SR4 Installation Instructions248.2 KB
4RTVP-3 & 4 Installation Instructions34.6 KB
5RTVP-6 Installation Instructions34.6 KB
6RTVP-8 Installation Instructions102.5 KB
Burner Box Components
1AG1-EK Emergency Kit Instructions for AG1 Series87.5 KB
2AG2-EK Emergency Kit Instructions for AG2 Series189.5 KB
3DB-264B Pressure Switch Replacement (DB-61B)395.8 KB
4DTH Series Burner Box Replacement16.7 KB
5Replacing 36E Valve with VR Series Valve225.3 KB
6RVA2-EK Emergency Kit Instructions for RVA2 Series97.0 KB
7TP-36 (N,P) Kit Replacement Instructions509.3 KB
8TP-50 Glo-Bar Replacement203.2 KB
9TP-60C N.C. Exhaust Pressure Switch Replacement256.2 KB
10TP-60D N.C. Exhaust Pressure Switch Replacement256.4 KB
11TP-78D Circuit Board Replacement74.3 KB
12TP-211A (MARK 17U-24) Circuit Board Replacement61.5 KB
13TP-260F Pressure Switch Installation307.8 KB
14TP-264B Pressure Switch Installation368.7 KB
15TP-264D Pressure Switch Installation606.8 KB
3 Inch Series Specific
1Baffle Installation Instructions LS & LD35.7 KB
2Vent Limiting Orifice Instructions - LS & LD31.0 KB
Tube Heater Accessories
1BK - 'Brass Knuckle' Angle Hanger Accessory Installation170.3 KB
2BRDG - Decorative Grill Installation Instructions with Kit Contents25.1 KB
3DCSP - Drop Ceiling Installation Instructions237.0 KB
4E6 - 90° Tube Elbow Installation Specifications156.4 KB
5HKAP-33 Aluminum Cleaner Instruction Sheet281.8 KB
6PG - Protective Guard202.5 KB
7PHS - Protective Heat Shield Installation126.5 KB
8RE - Reflector Elbow Assembly Instructions174.8 KB
9RU - Reflector U Assembly Instructions310.4 KB
10SHAO - Seismic Bracing Installation & Specifications.pdf118.5 KB
11SMB - Single Mounting Bracket Installation204.5 KB
12SSE - Side Shield Extension Installation317.8 KB
13TF1B - 180° U-bend Specification Sheet345.3 KB
Vacuum Series Specific
1Replacing a DRV Burner with a HLV Burner191.9 KB
2V-RCR - Reflector Cross Assembly Instructions39.5 KB
3V-RTE - Reflector T Assembly Instructions290.6 KB
4V-SMK - Vacuum Pump Sidewall Mounting Kit Installation Instructions72.6 KB
5V-TTS - Tandem Tee Set Installation Instructions41.1 KB