Infrared Theory

Infrared is Efficient and Effective

A gas fired infrared heating system emulates the efficiency of the sun. This method of heating allows the source of heat to begin at floor not ceiling level. Once the infrared energy is absorbed by floors, machinery, stock and people, it is re-radiated to warm the surrounding air. This makes it the most efficient and effective heating method for the diverse conditions present in warehouses, storerooms and other immense structures.


Hot Air Heating Solutions

We are pleased to now offer Hot Air Heating Solutions.

Commercial & Industrial models available from 100,000 to 250,000 BTU/h. Commercial & Residential models available from 30,000 to 75,000 BTU/h. Please contact Detroit Radiant Products Company for additional product information.


Rely on our Trusted and Talented Network

We have a trusted and talented network of employees and representatives. Factory trained Re-Verber-Ray® representatives work with engineers, contractors and installers to develop efficient design plans for each application, ensuring the customer that the right products are selected to meet maximum efficiency. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction make us a recognized leader of energy-efficient infrared heating products.

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Outdoor Heating Solutions

Whether you are looking to extend your outdoor season, have a designated smoking area, or make additional room for peak crowds, Detroit Radiant Products Company’s broad offering can offer a solution that will fit your outdoor heating needs.


2014 Bring-A-Guest Seminar

This comprehensive, one and a half-day, hands-on seminar will allow industry professionals to spend time in our ISO 17025 certified laboratory. In this seminar, guests will experience the operation and assembly of various types of infrared products and gain the know-how to properly identify and apply infrared heating systems. Click here for additional details.


Detroit Radiant Products Company’s 57 years of manufacturing experience, on-site approved testing laboratory and extensive tooling capabilities are unmatched in the industry. These resources allow us great flexibility and experience in designing and manufacturing infrared heaters and process burners. Our manufacturing flexibility and efficiencies are a key element in providing optimal customer service and application specific heating solutions. We fulfill our commitment to quality by continuing to do what we know works well; manufacturing exclusively infrared products. Our commitment to quality allows us to offer only the finest in infrared heating equipment. That is why, today, the name Re-Verber-Ray is the most trusted and well-known name in infrared heating equipment throughout the U.S. and the world.