About Detroit Radiant Products


For more than half a century, Detroit Radiant Products Company has been setting the standard for high-quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient infrared heaters. Re-Verber-Ray® brand products are recognized as a solution for most commercial, industrial, and specialty applications.

Our History

Product brochure for one of the first Re-Verber-Ray heaters, the A10 Series.

Founded in 1955, Detroit Radiant Products is a third-generation, family-owned company. From our first heater, an early version of our current DR series, to the more than 40 series since, our dedication to manufacturing innovative, high-quality, and energy-efficient infrared heaters has remained at the forefront of everything we do.

The Cosmopolitan Tilt-A-Q, a revolutionary infrared BBQ grill offered by DRP in the ’60s and ’70s.

From that initial high intensity ceramic heater, we have expanded our offering to portable heaters, electric heaters, unit heaters, and low intensity tube heaters, becoming the first company to bring two stage tube heaters to the market.

Innovation is a passion, one that has allowed us to become a leading manufacturer of infrared heaters throughout the world. And it is this passion that will continue to allow us to bring high-quality, energy-efficient heating solutions to the marketplace for many years to come.

Our Capabilities

It all begins with our trusted and talented network of employees and representatives. Factory trained Re-Verber-Ray® representatives work with engineers, contractors, and installers to develop efficient design plans for each application, ensuring that our customers select the right products to meet their unique needs.

Our headquarters in Warren, MI (U.S.) encompasses more than 105,000 ft.2 of manufacturing space, including a dedicated press room, six production lines, a certified testing laboratory, and a training classroom. Our customer service, engineering, sales, and accounting departments are housed in an additional 20,000 ft.2 at the same location. Affiliate companies located in Paris, Ontario (Canada) and Warren, MI, further occupy 65,000+ ft.2 of manufacturing and warehousing floor space.

Our unparalleled production capability for our industry, coupled with an aggressive in-house stocking program, ensures our customers of consistent quality equipment delivered in a timely fashion.

Detroit Radiant Products is supported by a global network of associate companies which collectively provide an unparalleled production platform. Since 1955, we have introduced over 40 different series of infrared heaters with a continued focus on development and production of innovative energy efficient heating appliances.

Our unparalleled production capability for our industry, coupled with an aggressive in-house stocking program, ensures our customers of consistent quality equipment delivered in a timely fashion.

To ensure consistency when dies can’t be used, the skilled production team at DRP uses a combination of craftsmanship, fixtures, & attention to detail to create quality parts such as our internal burners.
Our recently acquired laser machine has moved production into the future, allowing us to create more parts at a faster pace to provide products where they’re needed, when they’re needed.
We swage each of our radiant tubes for a quicker, easier installation saving our customers both time & money.
Our state-of-the-art test rig allows us to test our heaters to both North American & European radiant efficiency standards, ensuring we have the ability to develop and build heaters for a more sustainable world.


Detroit Radiant Products trains all employees who come in contact with our customers in the art of customer service. We are committed to providing you with courteous and efficient service in all aspects. We have initiated several services to assist us, including:

  • A toll-free telephone line, email, and website chat for customer service questions or concerns.
  • Sales and engineering staff that are versed in technical support and application assistance.
  • A newly refreshed website, including a CAD and Revit product library, documentation, and parts locator.
  • A distributor locator to easily find contact information for a local factory representative.

Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction has helped make us a recognized leader of energy-efficient infrared heating products.


Detroit Radiant Products Company established the first certified offsite testing laboratory of manufacturers of gas infrared heating equipment. This on-site ISO/IEC 17025-certified testing laboratory enables continuous research and development of the latest technological advancements. It also allows us to provide in-house product certification testing, typically in a few short weeks compared to the months such a process can take at outside testing laboratories.

On numerous occasions, we have been able to use our on-site testing laboratory to:

  • Test the effects of infrared energy on certain materials.
  • Recreate field conditions that have posed problems.
  • Test alternative venting and combustion air configurations.
  • Evaluate marketplace products and solutions.

This problem-solving aspect of our research has been beneficial to our customers and enlightens us to equipment improvements.


Detroit Radiant Products Company is committed to continuous educational efforts. Annual training seminars focus on subjects such as the ABCs of infrared, developing our distribution network, and safety, along with specialized classes designed for professional installers, licensed state inspectors, contractors, representatives, distributors, and/or engineers.

In addition to our in-house education program, DRP staff conducts numerous seminars in the field as well.