Heat Up Your Fall with the New ELX Series

When Fall rolls around each year, it brings with it a host of changes. Detroit Radiant's product lineup is no exception.

As sweatshirts begin to emerge and pumpkin spice once again reigns supreme, our thoughts quickly turn to ways to keep ourselves and our customers warm as the thermometer heads steadily downward. For many, that means gas-fired infrared heaters. After all, gas-fired heaters can be a stylish, energy-efficient solution for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

But what about those applications where gas-fired appliances aren't an option, often because of factors such as lack of available gas or space? How can you keep those outdoor diners comfy and cozy all the way through dessert?

Introducing the Re-Verber-Ray ELX Series electric infrared heaters.

If you are familiar with DRP's product offering, you may have seen the SW2, TW2, and MW2 Series electric heaters, and possibly even have experienced some confusion trying to choose one of these heaters for your project. To help make product selection easier, we've combined all three into a single offering with the ELX Series.

ELX Series 24"—Single Element in Stainless Steel Finish

While configuration options from the previous series remain (various voltages; black powder-coat or stainless steel; three lengths; single, double, or triple elements; etc.), we've added interchangeable elements, now purchased separately from the chassis. Do your short wave elements emit too much light for your outdoor gathering space? Medium wave elements not putting out enough heat? The ELX Series has a solution.

While it's important to perform a heat loss and analysis of your space before selecting a heater, expectations can still sometimes differ from reality. With interchangeable elements, now you can change the heater's element type after the fact if you realize you or your customer need something different.

In addition, the ELX Series is UL Listed in the United States and Canada, so you can be sure you're installing not only a quality product, but one that has been designed and built in America in compliance with the industry's most respected safety standards.

Interested in learning more? Find ELX specs, manual, brochure, and more here.

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