Website Refresh

We are proud to have recently launched a refresh of our website. In addition to updated aesthetics, we've added a host of new features including a redesigned homepage, new documentation page, CAD library, updated application and product pages, and a blog.

The new DOCUMENTATION page is located under the "Resources" drop-down on the main header. It is a one-stop shop for current brochures, manuals, thermostat sheets, packing lists, and more.

The ENGINEERS option on the main header includes links for SpecDriver, bimobject, our CAD library, a new sign-up page for PDH credit webinars, AHRI 1330 information, a link to our YouTube videos, and various outside links to professional resources.

We have added pages for APPLICATIONS to provide more information on application types, specific challenges of each, and what products are commonly used for specific project types, as well as provide better application photos and more precise Flickr links to view more images.

We refreshed PRODUCT pages with a more streamlined design and links to application pages.

With this project, our goal was to make the site easier to navigate and important information a breeze to find. However, we are always open to suggestions and welcome feedback. Is there a feature you'd like to see added? Have ideas or suggestions for the site? Send them to