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HLPNL-2 (Relay Panel with Two Relay Boards)


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Relay Panel with Two Relay Boards

Notes Used On Voltage Gas Type

Relay panels or boards must be used anytime two or more HL-2 or LD heaters are operating on the same thermostat (or common vented). Relay panels are prewired and mounted inside one NEMA(1) enclosure. Available with 2 relays, 6 relays, or 10 relays per NEMA(1) box. Each relay can accommodate one heater. Each panel has one 40 V.A. transformer internally mounted. Relay boards can be (at the time of production) internally mounted into the burner box. This must be specified at the time of order. One board is needed per heater. An external transformer (eg. -4000-01V) will then be needed to power the control. HLRB are preferred over panels.
NOTE: HLRB’s are not neccessary on DET Series.

Two stage heaters sharing a common thermostat or vent N / A N / A