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Re-Verber-Ray Unit Heater Parts

Our line of separated combustion unit heaters features a compact, aesthetically pleasing construction. And our gas-fired unit heaters offer an option where infrared heating is not practical due to ceiling heights, clearances to combustibles or building use


Model NumberBTU InputCabinet Number


1UH-3030,000111/15 to PresentIOPM
2UH-4545,000111/15 to PresentIOPM
3UH-6060,000211/15 to PresentIOPM
4UH-7575,000211/15 to PresentIOPM
5FA-100100,000311/15 to PresentIOPM
6FA-125125,000311/15 to PresentIOPM
7FA-150150,000411/15 to PresentIOPM
8FA-175175,000411/15 to PresentIOPM
9FA-200200,000411/15 to PresentIOPM
10FA-225225,000511/15 to PresentIOPM
11FA-250250,000511/15 to PresentIOPM
12UH-3030,000109/12 to 10/15IOPM*
13UH-4545,000109/12 to 10/15IOPM*
14UH-6060,000209/12 to 10/15IOPM*
15UH-7575,000209/12 to 10/15IOPM*
16FA-100100,000309/12 to 10/15IOPM*
17FA-125125,000309/12 to 10/15IOPM*
18FA-150150,000409/12 to 10/15IOPM*
19FA-175175,000409/12 to 10/15IOPM*
20FA-200200,000409/12 to 10/15IOPM*
21FA-225225,000509/12 to 10/15IOPM*
22FA-250250,000509/12 to 10/15IOPM*
  • Discontinued
  • Discontinued version
    of current series
  • Current version
    of current series

*By selecting documentation link(s) above, you acknowledge that it links to an out-of-production installation, operation manual from the time of a particular heater manufacture. Refer to current production product manuals for up-to-date installation requirements.