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Re-Verber-Ray Electric Heater Parts

Re-Verber-Ray® electric infrared heaters are the cleanest method of heating – taking nothing from the air and adding nothing to it. Our line of high-intensity electric heaters is the answer when gas and ventilation is not available or practical. Electric infrared heaters produce quiet, clean, even, energy-efficient heat in a compact, aesthetically pleasing construction.



ELX Series Electric Heaters – 24″ Models 12/21 to Present

Reference the Installation Manual for additional parts. Download

Common Components

Part Description Part Number
Busbar Assembly EL-1052A
Mounting Brackets (set of 2) EL-016 or EL-016-SS
Wire Length, 12 Gauge (Specify Color) EL-034
Wire Raceway Cover Assembly EL-1057 or EL-1057-SS

Single Lamp Models Only

Part Description Part Number
Service Access Panel EL-1002A
Shell Assembly EL-1152 or EL-1152-SS
Reflector EL-1106
Nylon End Panel EL-1161

Double Lamp Models Only

Part Description Part Number
Service Access Panel EL-1003A
Shell Assembly EL-1252 or EL-1252-SS
Reflector EL-1206
Nylon End Panel EL-1261

Triple Lamp Models Only

Part Description Part Number
Service Access Panel EL-1004A
Shell Assembly EL-1352 or EL-1352-SS
Reflector EL-1306
Nylon End Panel EL-1361


Element Type Wattage Voltage Part Number
Short Wave – Clear 1500 120 EL-SC-A24
Short Wave – Clear 1600 208 EL-SC-B24
Short Wave – Clear 1600 240 EL-SC-C24
Short Wave – Clear 1600 277 EL-SC-D24
Short Wave – Clear 1600 480 EL-SC-G24
Short Wave – Ruby 1500 120 EL-SR-A24
Short Wave – Ruby 1600 208 EL-SR-B24
Short Wave – Ruby 1600 240 EL-SR-C24
Short Wave – Ruby 1600 277 EL-SR-D24
Short Wave – Ruby 1600 480 EL-SR-G24
High-Output Medium Wave 1360 120 EL-HO-A24
High-Output Medium Wave 1360 208 EL-HO-B24
High-Output Medium Wave 1360 240 EL-HO-C24
High-Output Medium Wave 1360 277 EL-HO-D24
High-Output Medium Wave 1360 480 EL-HO-G24
Medium Wave 750 120 EL-MW-A24
Medium Wave 750 208 EL-MW-B24
Medium Wave 750 240 EL-MW-C24
Medium Wave 750 277 EL-MW-D24