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Re-Verber-Ray Electric Heater Parts

Re-Verber-Ray® electric infrared heaters are the cleanest method of heating – taking nothing from the air and adding nothing to it. Our line of high-intensity electric heaters is the answer when gas and ventilation is not available or practical. Electric infrared heaters produce quiet, clean, even, energy-efficient heat in a compact, aesthetically pleasing construction.


SeriesElement StyleLength


1MWSnap-In24 inches10/14 to 06/19IOPM*
2MWSnap-In33 inches10/14 to 06/19IOPM*
3MWSnap-In46 inches10/14 to 06/19IOPM*
4MW2Snap-In24 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
5MW2Snap-In33 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
6MW2Snap-In46 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
7SWWire Lead24 inches11/10 to 02/15IOPM*
8SWWire Lead33 inches11/10 to 02/15IOPM*
9SWWire Lead46 inches11/10 to 02/15IOPM*
10SWSnap-In24 inches03/15 to 06/19IOPM*
11SWSnap-In33 inches03/15 to 06/19IOPM*
12SWSnap-In46 inches03/15 to 06/19IOPM*
13SW2Snap-In24 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
14SW2Snap-In33 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
15SW2Snap-In46 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
16TW2Snap-In24 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
17TW2Snap-In33 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
18TW2Snap-In46 inches06/19 to PresentIOPM
  • Discontinued
  • Discontinued version
    of current series
  • Current version
    of current series

*By selecting documentation link(s) above, you acknowledge that it links to an out-of-production installation, operation manual from the time of a particular heater manufacture. Refer to current production product manuals for up-to-date installation requirements.