Tube Heaters for Agriculture


Low-intensity radiant tube brooders

Tube Heaters, Poultry Heaters, Swine Heaters

Tube Heaters, Poultry Heaters, Swine Heaters

Tube heaters are widely used in swine, poultry, brooder and dairy applications because they have proven operating benefits. Swine heaters, Poultry heaters are the best. The two-stage heating equipment produces, even more, efficiencies: Reduce operating expenses and on-off cycling, and improve animal comfort and your ability to change BTU outputs, depending on animal size and weather changes. The result? Improved animal performance, reduced fuel consumption and longer heater life.

• Save 20-50% on your fuel bill using radiant tube heat vs. other heating appliances
• Reduce annual maintenance up to 90%
• Provide superior comfort with two-stage operation
• Secure quiet and clean operation

Detroit Radiant Products is pleased to offer a full line of low-intensity infrared heaters specifically designed for the agricultural marketplace. Agricultural products are sold and supported through separate and specifically trained product distributors.

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