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Aircraft Hangar Heaters

Heat large, hard-to-heat areas

Gas-fired infrared heaters heat efficiently and economically because they heat exactly what needs to be warm: people, floors, walls and other surfaces, instead of the air.

Gas-fired infrared is perfectly suited to heating hangar buildings with large volumes of air or high rates of air movement, where convection (or air heating) methods are grossly ineffective because they must first heat all the air, which rises, before everything else.

A well-designed gas-fired infrared heating system is much more fuel-efficient since it heats objects and people directly.

Equipment Selection

High-BTU tube heaters and/or high intensity infrared models are designed for high-mount locations like aircraft hangars. Two stage infrared heaters are ideal because they recover heat lost through large doors but cycle less frequently during normal operation.

Hangar Door Installation

Most of the heat should be concentrated near the main door through burner boxes or additional heaters. NOTE: ANSI/NFPA 409 calls for the heater to be installed at least 10 feet above the highest wing surface of any aircraft stored inside.