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Re-Verber-Ray Tube Heater Parts

Detroit Radiant Products Company offers the most extensive line of low-intensity infrared radiant tube heaters available. From our award-winning, engineered vacuum systems to our patented, two-stage line of heaters, you’ll find a product that ideally suits your needs. Re-Verber-Ray® low-intensity heaters are a little- to no-maintenance, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for heating a wide variety of areas.



RE-VERBER-RAY XTS SERIES TUBE HEATER (Manufactured 08/99 to 05/03)

Reference the Installation Manual for additional parts. Download

Common Components

Part Description Original 
Part Number

Part Number

Pressure SwitchesSee BelowSee Below
Circuit BoardSee BelowSee Below
Wire HarnessSee BelowSee Below
Relay (NOTE: This factory installed option is not on all units)TP-1325TP-1325
Ignition DeviceTP-50TP-50A
50-100MBH BurnerTP-200ATP-3072
125-200MBH BurnerTP-201TP-201B
Natural Gas ValveTP-209TP-240
Propane Gas ValveTP-209PTP-241
Flame RodTP-222TP-222
16″ Burner TubeTP-202TP-380
Combustion Chamber1, 50-125MBH (Aluminized Steel)TP-26ATP-26A
Combustion Chamber1, 150-175MBH (Titanium Coated Steel)TP-26BTP-26B
Combustion Chamber1, 75-150MBH (Stainless Steel)TP-26ETP-26E
Radiant TubesTP-26CTP-26C
10 ft. Reflector SectionTP-20CTP-20C


1 Refers to the first 10 ft. section of tubing downstream of the burner.

Pressure Switches

BTU/H Range (x1000)50-100125-150175
Switch 12Part NumberTP-264BTP-264DTP-264D
X-Ref., IS220--10051F5166-20051F5170-20051F5170
Normal SettingOpenOpenOpen
P. S. Tube SetTP-AK3TP-AK3TP-AK3
Switch 22Part NumberTP-260FTP-260FTP-260G
X-Ref., IS220--62502F5176-62502F5176-62052F5175
Normal SettingClosedClosedClosed
P. S. Tube SetTP-AK4TP-AK4TP-AK4

2 Pressure switch #1 is electrically first in the series, and pressure switch #2 is electrically second in the series.

Circuit Boards

Mfg. 08/01/99 – 11/06/00Mfg. 09/18/00 – 05/03
Original Circuit BoardTP-78ATP-351A
Cross Reference Number (on unit)Mark 17X-117Mark 17DU-117
Wiring HarnessTP-215A3TP-352A
Replacement BoardTP-351A3TP-351A

3 Use TP-390 adapter to attach the TP-351A replacement board to the original TP-215A wire harness.