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Re-Verber-Ray Tube Heater Parts

Detroit Radiant Products Company offers the most extensive line of low-intensity infrared radiant tube heaters available. From our award-winning, engineered vacuum systems to our patented, two-stage line of heaters, you’ll find a product that ideally suits your needs. Re-Verber-Ray® low-intensity heaters are a little- to no-maintenance, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for heating a wide variety of areas.




1DTH40-10011/86 & PriorIOPM*
2DTHS40-1001984 & PriorIOPM*
3DTHS40-1001985 to 11/86IOPM*
4DTH(S)-240-10011/86 to 01/87IOPM*
5DTH(S)-240-10001/87 to 04/92IOPM*
6DTH(S)-240-10004/92 to 01/01IOPM*
7DTH(S)-2125, 1501988 to 1989IOPM*
8DTH(S)-31251989 to 1994IOPM*
9DTH(S)-31501990 to 1994IOPM*
10DBSAll01/94 to 09/01IOPM*
11DRVAll01/91 to 12/01IOPM*
12MPAll10/11 to PresentIOPM
13HLAll01/94 to 05/04/95IOPM*
14HLAll05/04/95 to 09/95Contact Us
15HLAll09/95 to 09/00IOPM*
16HL-2All09/00 to 08/02IOPM*
17HL-2All08/02 to 06/03IOPM*
18HL2All06/03 to 05/05IOPM*
19HL2All05/05 to 09/14IOPM*
20HL2All09/14 to PresentIOPM
21HL3All07/08 to 09/12IOPM*
22HL3All10/12 to 07/14IOPM*
23HL3All08/14 to PresentIOPM
24DXAll01/93 to 05/04/95IOPM*
25DXAll05/04/95 to 09/95IOPM*
26DXAll09/95 to 08/00IOPM*
27DX-2All09/00 to 05/03IOPM*
28DX2All06/03 to 08/14IOPM*
29DX2All09/14 to PresentIOPM
30DX3All07/08 to 09/12IOPM*
31DX3All10/12 to 07/14IOPM*
32DX3All08/14 to 12/16IOPM*
33DX3LAll06/15 to PresentIOPM
34XTSAll08/99 to 05/03IOPM*
35XTSAll06/03 to 04/05IOPM*
36XTSAll05/05 to 04/08IOPM*
37XTS3All07/07 to 07/12IOPM*
38DETAll06/03 to 04/05IOPM*
39DETAll05/05 to 06/07IOPM*
40DET3All08/06 to 06/09IOPM*
41DET3All07/09 to 09/12IOPM*
42DET3All10/12 to 08/14IOPM*
43DET3All08/14 to PresentIOPM
44DESAll05/00 to 06/03IOPM*
45DESAll06/03 to 04/05IOPM*
46DESAll05/05 to 06/07IOPM*
47DES3All05/06 to 06/09IOPM*
48DES3All07/09 to 9/12IOPM*
49DES3All10/12 to 08/14IOPM*
50DES3All08/14 to PresentIOPM
51LSAll06/00 to 12/12IOPM*
52LSAll12/12 to 2014IOPM*
53LS3All12/13 to 10/16IOPM*
54LS3All11/16 to PresentIOPM
55LDAll06/00 to 12/12IOPM*
56LDAll12/12 to 2014IOPM*
57LD3All12/13 to 10/16IOPM*
58LD3All11/16 to PresentIOPM
59SVAll06/00 to 04/05IOPM*
60SVAll05/05 to PresentIOPM
61HLVAll11/01 to 04/05IOPM
62HLVAll05/05 to PresentIOPM
63CLAll09/04 to 08/06IOPM*
64CLAll08/06 to 06/15IOPM*
65CXAll09/04 to 07/07IOPM*
66CXAll07/07 to 06/15IOPM*
67RVAAll01/94 to 05/04/95IOPM*
68RVAAll05/04/95 to 09/95Contact Us
69RVAAll09/95 to 09/00IOPM*
70RVA-2All10/00 to 06/03IOPM*
71RVA2All06/03 to 04/05IOPM*
72RVA2All05/05 to 09/14IOPM*
73RVA2All09/14 to PresentIOPM
74AG-1All01/01 to 06/03IOPM*
75AG1All06/03 to 04/05IOPM*
76AG1All05/05 to 09/14IOPM*
77AG1All09/14 to PresentIOPM
78AG-2All01/01 to 05/03IOPM*
79AG2All06/03 to 04/05IOPM*
80AG2All05/05 to 07/06IOPM*
81AG2All08/06 to 09/08IOPM*
82AG2All10/08 to 09/14IOPM*
83AG2All09/14 to PresentIOPM
84RHAll07/01 to 04/05IOPM*
85RHAll05/05 to PresentIOPM
86RHTAll05/05 to PresentIOPM
87DSTAll03/16 to 05/17IOPM*
88DSTAll06/17 to PresentIOPM
89HL2-DSAll09/17 to PresentIOPM
  • Discontinued
  • Discontinued version
    of current series
  • Current version
    of current series

*By selecting documentation link(s) above, you acknowledge that it links to an out-of-production installation, operation manual from the time of a particular heater manufacture. Refer to current production product manuals for up-to-date installation requirements.