Low Intensity Tube Heaters

HLV Series

Two Stage, Multiple Burner, Low Intensity Infrared Vacuum System

The HLV Series infrared vacuum heating system is engineered specifically for the design parameters of the building it is required to heat. More commonly found in larger commercial and industrial applications, these systems offer potential operating benefits that are not easily obtainable with traditional infrared tube heaters.

An engineered vacuum system emits low intensity infrared heat just like any other type of tubular heater. What makes these systems unique is the method in which they operate as well as their expanded operational boundaries. The operational objective of a vacuum system is to simply move hot gases from the burner(s) to the pump. This movement heats the emitter pipes, which in turn heat the building via infrared energy.

The HLV Series is engineered to utilize both two stage and condensing technology, offering optimal operating efficiencies and fuel savings.



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Key features

  • Ideal for applications with design challenges
  • Independent tandem burner design
  • Requires minimal building penetrations
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  • BTU Range: 50,000–200,000 BTU/h (1-6 Burners)
  • Gas Type: Natural or Propane
  • Tube Lengths: Varies–See Design Guide
  • Limited Warranty: 3-5-10-1 (Components-Tubes-Burner-Pump)
  • Combustion Tube: 4″ dia. Titanium Treated Steel, Black-Coated
  • Radiant Tubes: 4″ dia. Aluminized or Hot Rolled Steel, Black-Coated
  • Certification: IAS, CSA
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